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Unheard Voices are Still Heard

Unheard Voices are Still Heard

Communication can be very complex when the recipient cannot understand what the individual is trying to converse. It is also frustrating to the one who is trying to communicate. It can be a breakdown from written language to verbal expression. If we communicate written language in a letter, email, or text, not seeing body language of the sender can leave the reader uncertain if there is sarcasm. If the sender unintentionally left out additional information for clarity it can also be a breakdown. However, the sender could have sent the message with perfect clarity, but the reader was in a bad mood, or has past issues left unchecked; giving him the wrong disposition by reading the message with a biased opinion.

Communication breakdowns and miscommunications can be daunting and hurtful to both parties. When we post messages, send emails, letters, and texts, it comes down to motives and where our heart and thoughts are when messages are sent or received. Having said that, we need to be additionally careful on social media how we present ourselves. We should never use social media, such as Facebook, to call others out with intentions to shame. If there’s a question that is of concern, a private message would show honor; looking for the good in others.

 Our voice can be another way to communicate. Having a voice gives one an advantage, in most cases, to express our needs, ask questions, give directions, teach, and to scream. Having a voice, one can read stories out loud to children, sing, laugh, give counsel, and pray with others–blessings. The list goes on. Our voices can be very powerful—the tongue. But it can also get us into trouble when we don’t keep our heart and thoughts in check. Our tongue can be a blessing, or a curse to others, ourselves included. Language can build up, or tear down. Our words can breathe life or death to others. Our voice is a gift from HaShem; we should use it wisely when we open our mouths. Do we want to speak love and life into others, or like a knife, cut them down by belittling and mocking that shatters others with a broken spirit? How we speak to others exposes and reveals our own character and heart.

“Words Reveal Character

33 “Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for the tree is known by its fruit. 34 You brood of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak what is good? For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart. 35 The good man brings out of his good treasure what is good; and the evil man brings out of his evil treasure what is evil.” (Matthew 12: 33-35)

HaShem already knows our heart and thoughts. G-d will send tests that’ll reveal the measure of grace we give to others. It’s never a good idea to ignore the Father when He is teaching us goodly things. Evil speech (Lashon hara) is destructive and comes in forms of hurtful words such as: shaming, lies, gossip, belittling, mocking, and embarrassing others in public, especially. If one is yelling, and the other one is in tears, a heart check needs to be evaluated. Our words spoken to others determine who we are. If we choose to listen to gossip, that is being a participant in Lashon hara (itchy ears to hear). In other words, as human beings, we are created to be in G-d’s image. The choice is to honor G-d by blessing others with our words, or take on the Beast (beast and man were created on the sixth day) that dishonors G-d with evil inclination (יֵצֶר הַרַע‎, “the evil inclination” that is also Yetzer hara). Our words should be a blessing that grow others in the breath of life, love, and truth; bringing honor to HaShem. When we use our words with Yetzer hara (evil speak), we are violating G-d’s will and it brings us the “spirit of impurity.”

What about those who can make sounds with their voices but cannot speak or those who are unable to make any sound due to medical conditions and cannot voice their needs? Sign language and braille (for those who are blind) can be a blessing so that their “quiet voices” can be heard. Yet, there are others who are unable to use sign language; although, they can use communication devices. When it comes to communication devices, setting them up can be challenging. Some individuals are more advanced than others, and different tests and observations can usually determine their needs. However, in some cases, those methods are not always accurate. Every special needs individual is at a different learning level. They also learn at a different pace—don’t we all? Setting up communication boards (iPad or other) for those who are nonverbal can become very challenging as it reveals the density of language. It’s more than a language barrier between two people from different counties trying to communicate. When one isn’t able to demonstrate what he/she understands, creating a device to meet the need of the individual can become difficult; especially if the child/adult doesn’t initiate the conversation.

When a communication device is designed to have a voice state what the photo is, that’s the beginning of a new world for one who is nonverbal. The complexity is revealed when we up the Annie on the board. We soon realize that when two verbal people can carry on a conversation about anything, trying to design a touch screen device to mimic a “conversations” is impossible. Though a simple question and answer area can be programmed, those same questions remain until it’s reprogrammed. As an advocate for those without a voice for one who can’t be heard, it’s our responsibility to be that voice for him/her. We do our best and allow a lot of grace on each side. The nonverbal person will be our teacher. And over time, we will reap those blessings when they come pouring out for His glory.

No matter what we are able to do in life, or not, HaShem hears our voice. He hears our thoughts, and He knows our motives, struggles, plans, desires, fears, and concerns. Those who are nonverbal can still use their thoughts and have a lot of time to think in their quiet world. We could learn a lot from one who is nonverbal. The next time you enter a facility or a home with a special needs person, take a few minutes to show kindness. Maybe offer to read them a story. Or at least tell them how nice they look and that they have a beautiful smile. They are aware who spends time with them, and notice the ones who walk by. We are called to love one another.

As we look closer at languages, written, verbal, sign, or other, we realize what we have here is the wondrous miracles for this gift, as well as the ability to hear.

Will we hear G-d when He calls us? This type of hearing is from within. HaShem wrote His Torah (G-d’s instructions) upon our hearts. Isn’t it amazing that those who are nonverbal, physically deaf, and find it challenging to communicate with others in written, speech, sign, or with other devices can still hear (Shema) the voice of G-d when He calls? In the same breath, those who are blessed with a voice to speak, and given the intelligence to understand written language with perfect hearing can be blind and deaf to the voice of G-d.

“Now hear this, O foolish and senseless people,
Who have eyes but do not see;
Who have ears but do not hear.” (Jeremiah 5:21)

The question remains, how will we speak to others? Our choices reveal our own character and heart. Will we breathe life or death into others? Will we bring blessings or cursing with our speech? Will we honor or shame and embarrass others? The measure we give to others is the measure we receive for G-d. In other words, if we hope to have grace and mercy from G-d, we need to extend that grace and mercy to others; ourselves included. We never know what HaShem is doing in the lives of others. Like a seed planted in the dirt, it remains in a dark place for a certain amount of time to germinate. However, during that time, life is happening. There is movement. We don’t see it on the surface until that growth sprouts. There is life in that seed, and the Father is watching. He is watching the seeds, the soil, and the ones planting. He is also watching those who throw toxic weed seeds (hurtful words) in His Garden.

Let our voices lift up others in prayer and song. Let our voices call out to HaShem with joy and praises; thanking G-d for everything. Let’s give words that build up and encourage others. There will be times that we feel as though our prayers are not heard; there will be times we feel isolated and alone. He holds every tear we have cried, and one day HIS GLORY will rain on us. But if we can remember those who are nonverbal and know that G-d hears them just as much as He hears us, then will we come to understand the “Fruits of the Spirit” of G-d. The Fruits of the Spirit doesn’t need to be physically vocalized, but is given through breathing life into others with blessings. Our voices, silent or not, are heard by the Father. The Torah is the Lamp of His Light—Amen!

“2 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 humility, self control. Nothing in the Torah stands against such things.”(Galatians 5:22-23 CJB)


Shamira the Shepherdess (P. Miller)



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Stay in the Box, Jack!

Stay in the box, Jack!

I am sure many of us can remember the boxed toy “Jack-in-the-Box” that when the handle was cranked, that catchy song would play; leading up to “Jack” popping out of the box. The younger children would laugh and wait in anticipation for “Jack” to jump out of the box, but as the children grew older, were no longer interested in Jack-in-the-Box (Poor Jack!). But what if in life, following Adonai’s Path, HE wanted us to remain under HIS PROTECTIVE COVERING (a box, such as a Sukkah- awesome observation, TEKOA!). The Father wants us under HIS Covering in order to be protected from the serpents.

After receiving a hurtful text “I do not live in a box” after my loving reminder that not all movies are good choices just because they claim to be Christian, verifies this is truly a heart matter.

Teens today have many obstacles and side attractions that are taking preeminence; leading them with distractions that are turning the tables of what has real validity.  Social media, movies and sitcoms of today’s desires (feeding the Nefesh), Facebook, and super heroes (shouldn’t Adonai be the real Hero?) are taking precedence of Torah- G-d’s Instructions.

Sadly, many teens today are becoming caught up in a snare by not having discernment, and the “Destroyer” has already set up the bait.

Many teens in the world have never lived a life where having a love for the Torah (G-d’s Instructions) are considered. Instead, they are raised up by their own” needs and wants” of the Nefesh. Unfortunately, they are not receiving good wisdom and godly counsel for guidance, only the poor guidance of their desires. “These desires mirror television, movies, games, and internet images of the beast; they do not look into the perfect Torah of Liberty as a mirror by which to measure their behavior.”[1]

Unfortunately, many teens are becoming desensitized by self-deceptions that stem from fear and pride. Many feel as though they have to “fit-in” in order to be accepted. Believers feel as though they can’t speak the truth about their Savior in case they offend.  Are stubborn agendas getting in the way of Abba’s Will? Yes! Believers, as well as unbelievers can easily fall into “self-deception.” Believers are not exempt from falling into self-deceit, which is a sickness of lies from the accuser- Ha’satan! We need to realize that Torah is written on our heart.

“The heart is more deceitful than anything else
and mortally sick. Who can fathom it? [2]–Jeremiah 17:9 CJB

“A disciple of Yeshua Messiah is one who is in the transformational process of removing veils of self-deceit in order to find truth. “[3][4]

“A true disciple finds the word of truth through obedience to the Living Torah by practicing an ongoing lifestyle of leaning into the discomfort of finding or removing his own distorted beliefs and attitudes.” [5][6]

We need to fully rely on the Ruach Ha’Kodesh as our Comforter, and Compass, to keep us on the NARROW PATH. When we do not compare distortions to the Word of God, and begin to justify our ways and behaviors that do not line up with HaShem, we place ourselves on a slippery slope with an opened invitation for the Adversary. Some people deceive their own hearts when they believe that they are saved alone by grace, but continue to live in disobedience. We cannot continue to disobey the Living Torah!

Greg Bahnsen (1995), a Christian Apologist wrote, “There is something of a cognitive mess at the core of our lives. We are inconsistent in our choices, incoherent in our convictions, persuaded where we ought not to be, and deluded that we know ourselves transparently.”  This describes Balaam and believers.

  • Balaam was so distracted and arrogant that when the donkey wasn’t responding to his demands, and began to yell at a talking donkey –Self-deception misses the miracles.
  • Balaam was so blinded by his own self-will that HaShem uncovered his eyes so that he could see the Angel standing in front of him. How interesting that he chose to not listen to sound advice, he had to see it instead. We are deceived when we don’t listen to “Good Counsel.”
  • Balaam tells the Angel of Adonai, “I didn’t know you opposed me in the path I’m taking.” Really? Didn’t G-d already tell him “You shall not go?”  –We lie to ourselves with self-deception.
  • Balaam says, “If it is evil in your eyes (but not mine). I shall return.” He already knew HaShem knew it was evil, but his willingness to comply with HIS will was reluctant. He obviously didn’t agree that was a bad idea. When we question G-d’s will and think we know a better way, we self-deceive.
  • Balak was so fearful of Israel’s’ presence [7]

We need to elevate ourselves, our attitudes, what we watch, say (Text), and do. We self-deceive and place ourselves in bondage when we ignore g-dly wisdom from others, disrespect our elders, think our way is better, justify our own desires, ignore the effects of our sins, remain unteachable by not listening to Good Counsel, and remain passive to Torah.

Self-deception is sorcery (witchcraft) and accompanies disobedience. The Father’s children should not depend on goods (materialistic items), money, titles, honors, accomplishments, or on people to make them feel good about themselves. We, as His children, need to depend on the Father in Heaven.

Yeshua tells us : The Truth Will Make You Free!

31 So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”[8] John 8:31-32

A true Disciple is able to teach another person how to discern from “Self-Deceit” because they are obedient to Adonai’s Word–living and walking in the Way.

The Torah is a mirror that removes the distortions from man’s ideas.  A person who does not remain in the teachings of the Torah is a poor marksman. His eyes deceive him. Sadly, deceived believers may be a leader and misleading many others.

According to Crosswalk (dot) com .70% of teens end up leaving the churches, but after a while two-thirds return. But it said mainly they leave because it’s not important to them.

Though one would hope they would actually leave the churches because of “Doctrines of Man” and the antisemitism of “Replacement Theology” to study Torah, sadly, this isn’t the case, I believe, in most cases for teens alone.

So the question is, “Why don’t they feel church is important?”  I conclude that many place their Nefesh (a bundle of appetites, desires, and intellect) above their Ruach (spirit), and they are allowing the Nefesh to lead. I would suggest that social media and “other” worldly interests are taking priority. Some may see hypocrisy and they want to hang out with friends; having no interest in obedience to the 10 Commandments, and a good portion of students do not want to have accountability for their choices and/or lifestyles (so much corruption in movies , TV and music) with much confusion.—Self-Deception runs deep.

There is another issue that teens struggle with and that’s with concrete evidence. If they do not understand something, and it really doesn’t pertain to them as a tangible, they find it hard to believe it if it doesn’t appear to fit their needs personally. It really doesn’t help when school curriculum is all based on concrete evidence, not faith. Obviously, one doesn’t need faith to believe that 2×2=4. That understanding is learned.

Ha’satan is working overtime whispering lies to our children—adding to self-deception. If Ha’satan can convince our children that not all of the 10 Commandments are important (becoming passive and ignoring HIS SABBATHS), prey on their weakness, or puff them up on their strengths, then he (Ha’satan) can get them to sabotage themselves (in sin) just like when Balaam deceived the Israelites to mix sexually (corruption) with the Moabites. It was the Moabites who tempted the Israelite men to commit adultery and idolatry. The Adversary will use what people “like” against them to fall. The Nefesh (a bundle of appetites, desires, and intellect) is very strong, and if we allow it rise up above our Ruach (Spirit), we place our Ruach under our heel—at ground level. That isn’t a good place to be (ground level is placed in the dirt).

It seems today that most teens in America are given almost everything instantly. For example, they have an abundance of clothing, car, play money, trips, the newest devises, music downloads, X-boxes and more. I am not alluding to they shouldn’t have any clothes, and a phone, I am just pointing out that in the Western world it doesn’t appear many are working hard for “wanted” items. It is as if it’s given just as quickly as getting results from a touch screen instant gratification. The Nefesh doesn’t like the words “no” or “wait”. It thinks it is going to die. If you can recall Esau, he sold his birthright for some red soup. He thought he was going to die, He wasn’t going to die, he wanted what he wanted and NOW!

Balaam’s sin was a heart matter and left to his Nefesh (Soul/flesh) to lead, not his Ruach (spirit). Because of that being left unchecked to accountability in HIS righteousness, he devised wicked plans. His sin came from the fourth of the “Wicked Lamp” which is an abomination. Interestingly enough, the presence of the Adversary can work for good if it reveals a heart sickness that the individual can choose to remove with the Helper, the Ruach Ha’Kodesh (Holy Spirit).[9]

It is very interesting that “Balaam” means “Burning” such as the burning of the desires of the Nefesh. Balak” means Destroyer-no promise of Eternal Good.

“This is the sin of Balaam, setting our minds on our own interests, not Adonai’s, which calls for suffering, which call for suffering at times. To resist the times of suffering is to resist the Spirit of Adonai, which demands suffering in order to demonstrate the Holy Spirit of Resurrection Power. Resisting the suffering transforms us, like the Angel of the Lord against Balaam, into an Adversary, a Satan, because our way was contrary to the Father’s!”[10]

What or who do we “mirror” with our actions and attitudes? Our hearts really are a heart matter and reflect who we are. Who/what are we listening to? Do we want our ears tickled? What kind of movies are we watching at the expense of our Spirit being forced to watch? Are we holding our Ruach captive to the desires of the Nefesh?  Are we entertaining our Nefesh by justifying poor reasoning, and dancing with forbidden fruit? –A heart matter, indeed. “WWJD?” Yeshua/Jesus would be following the Ancient Path of the Father in obedience (Living the 10 Commandments, keeping Sabbaths, keeping dietary laws, keeping the Feasts, and living Torah), not entertaining HIS thoughts with corruption.

We, as believers, and even unbelievers, need to understand the despondency of the 7 abominations that G-d hates.

Proverbs 6:16-19

  • A proud look
  • A lying tongue
  • Hands that shed innocent blood
  • A heart that deviseth wicked imaginations/plans
  • Feet that be swift in running to mischief/evil
  • A false witness that speaketh lies
  • He that soweth discord among brethren.

We need to have GOOD COUNSEL and HIS discernment where we are getting our information from. Are we seeking those who have no relationship with the Father and/or despise HIS name and willfully living in sin for advice? Are we listening to others who are speaking negatively (Evil Speak) without hope for others? Are we listening to Ha’satan whisper lies into our ears? Perhaps we should go to the individual for truth (having godly wisdom) before seeking to have our ears tickled.

The Adversary has many angles to work on our children. After all, he is an expert in his work—the father of lies!

When teens (and people in general) are unable to accept certain Biblical truths because there are no tangibles, and it doesn’t meet their needs personally, have lost interest in Biblical teachings (Tanakh- OT), fallen into false teachings that the law was abolished, become desensitized from loving-kindness by disrespecting elders, expecting instant gratification, and to be compensated (lusts of the flesh/Nefesh from feeling slighted), it really comes down to “heart” matters and self-deceit, as well as listening to the lies of Ha’satan.

Eve (Chavah) was asked by the serpent, “Did He really say……?” Had Chavah gone back to the Father before answering, the outcome for her would have been different. Also, we have “Doubting Thomas” who wouldn’t believe the resurrected Christ/Yeshua without feeling HIS Wounds, seeing it for himself. This is a tangible. Faith by believing in the hope He has given us is to be praised!

 John 20:29Yeshua said to him, “Have you trusted because you have seen me? How blessed are those who do not see, but trust anyway!” [11]

Abba loves us so much. He desires for us to Follow HIM—HIS WAY, no ours. Man’s ways lead to destruction, HIS WAY leads to Life Eternity through the Living Water. He is the Bread of Life through YESHUA!

We need to be careful how we treat HIS Messengers.

Proverbs 14:12There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. [12]


Perhaps, we, like Jack, need to get back in the box, THE SUKKAH, under HIS Covering—HIS PROTECTION—HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.

“The seventh (and final) feast given to Israel is called Sukkot (סֻכּוֹת) or the “Feast of Tabernacles.” Sukkot is observed in the fall, from the 15th to the 22nd of Tishri. During this time many Jewish families construct a sukkah (סֻכָּה), a small hastily built hut in which meals are eaten throughout the festival. The sukkah is used to remember the huts [plural: sukkot] Israel lived in during their 40 year sojourn in the desert after the exodus from Egypt.

You shall keep the Feast of Sukkot seven days, when you have gathered in the produce… You shall rejoice in your feast… because the LORD your G-d will bless you in all your produce and in all the work of your hands, so that you will be altogether joyful. (Deut. 16:13-15)

From a spiritual perspective, Sukkot corresponds to the joy of knowing your sins were forgiven (during Yom Kippur), and also recalls G-d’s miraculous provision and care after the deliverance from bondage in Egypt (Lev. 23:43). Prophetically, Sukkot anticipates the coming kingdom of Yeshua the Messiah wherein all the nations shall come up to Jerusalem to worship the LORD during the festival (see Zech. 14:16). Today Sukkot is a time to remember G-d’s Sheltering Presence and Provision for us for the start of the New Year. In light of the work of Yeshua as our Kohen Gadol (high priest) of the New Covenant, we now have access to the Heavenly Temple of G-d (Heb. 4:16). We are now members of the greater Temple of His body; we are now part of His great Sukkah!” [13]

We need to have Teshuva (repent and return to HIM), and have a desire to follow HIM –HIS WAY. We need to stop justifying our own ways (Spiritual adultery), and value HaShems’ Word (TORAH-YESHUA) completely. We need to have a change of heart—one that is flesh, not hardened. It is so important we have a true relationship with our Father Abba, our Creator; honoring HIS Name on High. And allow the Ruach Ha’Kodesh in our lives for comfort and good counsel.

I pray that believers in the body will stop acting like the wild beast of the field, stop allowing the lil’ Esau’s from selling their birthright for red soup (desires by justifying, which is self-deceit), and set fear and pride aside (under the heel) by honoring one another; giving all glory back to Father Abba.

Let’s join together under Adonai’s protective covering, HIS Cloud of righteousness, His sukkah, and allow HIS provision to surround us, not remaining opened to the world.

Blessings and Shalom,

Shamira the Shepherdess (P. Miller)


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Last Breath Gives Hope



Last Breath Gives Hope

It wasn’t long before it would be too cold catching the last awesome waves before fall. My high school friend and I decided to head for the beach and hit some waves (body surfing). Of course, by the time we got down there, it was cloudy, and riptide warnings given. But we were strong swimmers and knew what we were doing (though we thought).

We were having such a great time! The waves were so big, and we were having a blast. No one was at the beach—not even a life guard. It was all to ourselves!

My friend wasn’t too far from me, but it was enough to cause a separation between a couple of waves; allowing her to get back to shore without as much of an effort. Without warning, things shifted and the waves became HUGE! I tried to swim in, but I had to turn back to swim back over the waves—to not be crushed (which means going out further). Unfortunately, without knowing at the time, I was entangled and deeply snared.

The waves soon became too big and powerful. I was getting tired. How many more waves could I keep swimming over (to avoid being smashed underwater), and the uselessness of trying to get back to shore? I knew how to swim in riptides (diagonally in a zig-zag motion), and that pride got me into the mess I was in.

Tired, muscles feeling like rubber, numb, and panicked, I was in a terrible situation, and no time to think things through anymore. I couldn’t stay above the water anymore. The riptides had soon over-powered me, and in my weakness, the waves were too powerful and I began to get slammed down underwater.

The waves began to thrash me about; dragging and twisting me in every direction. I opened my eyes in salty water; trying to see which way the bubbles were going, but the bubbles were spinning in all directions. I managed to find my way to the surface and gasp for air just as another wave came crashing down; leaving me spiraling and being dragged along the ocean floor like a Raggedy-Ann doll.

I, again, attempted to try to get to the top. When I felt the ocean floor, I placed my feet on the sandy ground, and with all of my might, I pushed up and swam as hard as I could; only to get smashed down again after reaching the surface with little air before another huge wave crashed down on me!

At that point I couldn’t do it anymore. I was out of breath, and out of all my strength. I knew I was going to drown—I was out of time!

Out of breath, beyond exhausted, unable to fight, packed with sand from the dragging along the ocean bottom, too far from shore, and out of hope, I cried out to G-d (obviously in my mind—not outwardly to get water in my mouth)!! I told HIM I couldn’t do it anymore, and asked Him to help me. I needed HIM! I was so scared (thirty-some years later, and I still tear-up).

As soon as I called out to HIM for help, something amazingly happened! Though I couldn’t see who or what, but an amazing strong Almighty Power reached down into the depths of the riptides that bound me, and there was a rushing of water I was brought (carried) up out of the water– able to gasp for air. G-d, or one of His angels, I know, protected me. Though the waves were still huge, none of them dragged me down. I was freed. I was able to swim in the zig-zag motion without any of the waves crashing on me. I soon could see my friend. She was running up and down the shoreline calling out my name—expecting to find a dead body.

I got to shore and my friend grabbed my arm and helped me up the dry sandy area, and I collapsed. She said she didn’t know what to do. She would see my head pop out of the water and another wave would crash down over me for long periods of time.

We had made a huge mistake acting cool, haughty, and prideful—especially me.

Analogy: When we allow sin into our lives, like the riptides, we need to stay away from it. If we act out in our Nefesh, and become prideful and haughty (by saying I can handle it, I’ve done it before), we become entangled, and before we know it, ha’Satan (Satan) has his grip on us. In our own efforts the enemy uses it against us to oppress and weaken us.

Out of breath, out of time, out of hope (from our own efforts), can we finally allow HIS GLORY to lift us out of the dirt (or should I say sand) we’re in.

In my efforts I had nothing. I was over-powered and weakened quickly. In Adonai’s strength, and finding my hope in HIM, behold a mighty strong arm WHO can reach into the depths of darkness and bring us to light.

When this happened, I didn’t have salvation. I didn’t know who God really was. But when I called out to HIM with my last breath of life, HE answered my cry; knowing in time I would SEEK after HIM.

I am humbled by the love and mercy HE has for someone like me to give me ‘time’ and set my path to be introduced to Him many years later.

He loves you, too. And if you do not know HIM yet, he is just a thought, a call, a cry out to, and a prayer away. Do not delay in seeking Him. We never know when we will have that last breath.

Isaiah 40:28-31, 28 Haven’t you known, haven’t you heard that the everlasting God, ADONAI, the Creator of the ends of the earth, does not grow tired or weary? His understanding cannot be fathomed. 29 He invigorates the exhausted, he gives strength to the powerless. 30 Young men may grow tired and weary, even the fittest may stumble and fall; 31 but those who hope in ADONAI will renew their strength, they will soar aloft as with eagles’ wings; when they are running they won’t grow weary, when they are walking they won’t get tired. (Complete Jewish Bible)

Shamira the Shepherdess (P. Miller)

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The Sheep Shall Follow His Shepherd/Shepherdess


The Sheep Shall Follow His Shepherd/Shepherdess

Have you ever questioned why Adonai always refers to human beings as sheep? Is it because we’re cute and cuddly? Maybe it’s because we like to run about merrily. There are other reasons that would be more accurate; of course, the above ones certainly contribute, too. I would add that running in an opened field is how we get into mischief.

Yeshua is our Shepherd, and HIS flock knows and hears HIS voice. HE is always watching us, and HE comes to us when we call out. We may not always understand HIS ways, but HIS ways surpass our ideals. Likewise, having raised sheep myself, I can certainly testify that our sheep needed a Shepherd/Shepherdess.

I will share two stores about two different herds, and by the time you’re done reading, you will have come to the conclusion that us being referred to sheep is very fitting.

The first group was a wild bunch- a mixed multitude of breeds. Most were the typical all white in color. However, there was an additional one that was a blackish-cinnamon mix. He was different from the others. He would spend the day with the group eating, sleeping, and running every which way.

Whenever I walked into the pasture, called out his name, he would stop what he was doing and run to me. It was so amazing to watch in the center of the crowded flock, when I called out to him, up popped his head; facing directly at me. He would then make way and run to me. It never seemed to matter what he was doing. When his shepherdess called his name, he came running towards the familiar voice. I do believe that is what we’re supposed to do when our Master calls. But until we, HIS Flock, know HIS voice and remember to OBEY, will we be like my Blackish-Cinnamon mixed lamb, and run to our Shepherd, Yeshua.

Now, the rest of that group wasn’t so inspiring. They constantly needed their shepherd or shepherdess nearby. They would crawl under fences (if they found a gap), and have to be chased home. They were too naïve to know that large dogs lived down the way and might want lamb chops for dinner. It wasn’t easy getting them back into their pasture. They had plenty to eat, but their stubbornness seemed to float their boats. One would hope since they followed each other out of the gate (not so nice neighbors liked to open it at times), that returning they would follow suit. NOPE! They would go in all different directions! ~Sound familiar?~

Another interesting character of sheep is that if they get in lodged into a corner, they cannot figure out all they need to do is turn their face to the light, out of darkness , and they are freed. But instead, they remain in darkness and would actually starve to death and die. Likewise with us, without turning our face to HIS light, we will remain in darkness and starve our walk in the Spirit of Adonai. ~Sound Familiar?~

Now for the second group:

My husband & I took in a herd of sheep. They were the black-faced sheep called Suffolks. They were all pregnant and ready to lamb-out in 4-6 weeks. Sadly, the farmer wasn’t caring for them. They kept going into farmer’s fields to find food. They were very scrawny. They needed nutrition if they were to deliver healthy, live lambs.

During that time, we prepared everything that would give them needed nutrition, special paint, iodine, string, and a clean sheepfold so when the time came for all of those mommies to deliver, everything would be ready.

Of course the time arrived, almost midnight—during a BLIZZARD!
While hubby was at his employment, I was on watch, and sure enough, they had begun to deliver- all at once! Thankfully, I knew what to do, except the blizzard seemed to have been a stressful time, not just for me, but the sheep especially. The sheep, being as clueless as they are would deliver their young, and get up and walk off with baby in tow—connected to the umbilical cord!

I had the string, scissors, iodine, and special paints on hand. Trying to keep mommy down long enough to tie the strings, iodine, and cut was a bit tricky. The paint was the easy part. I know you are asking why the paint? Sheep don’t always accept their babies, and it’s important to know which babies belong to which mom. It’s very rare they’ll let others suck from them. So the paint was to mark the same alphabet letter on mommy and baby in the same color. Considering ALL of the sheep delivered twins and triplets that night, the letter/paint system especially came in handy!

Some of the sheep would deliver their lambs on top of the snow drifts, muddy areas, or just keep walking while delivering! While some acknowledged their babies, others were new moms and didn’t know what to do.

I am thankful that we had a spot light set up from the house that shined towards the corral, and sheepfold. Being their shepherdess, I helped in their deliveries, guided them to where they were supposed to be, provided the opened doorway into their clean, warm sheepfold where fresh food was provided, and families together.I cannot recall the amount I lambed-out (twins and triplets), but the moms in count were 13 or 14.

I picked up one baby lamb that wasn’t doing very well. I took it into our home and provide additional care, but the poor baby couldn’t keep its temperature to warm up (I had placed him on the bathroom floor on towels as the heater vent was nice and cozy). I did all I could do, but sadly, it died.

Even though I lost one lamb during that horrible blizzard during a long and cold night, others have told me that was amazing to have only lost one during those circumstances. I was still sad that I had lost even one.

We, as HIS sheep, may not always do what we’re supposed to do correctly, we may stand there dumbfounded, lie in the mud, or just walk around aimlessly –totally clueless before we start to learn and get it right.

Thankfully, we have the Torah (HIS Instructions) to follow. Yeshua is our Shepherd Who will never lose HIS sheep. HE IS always there to guide us, and to provide for our every need. He is our Savior, Redeemer, Spiritual food (Torah), Great Physician, and our KING! Adonai is all glory, and Sovereignty, who calls us HIS friend.

Will we know HIS voice when HE calls? Will we turn our faces towards HIM? Will we come running to our Shepherd; letting NOTHING stop us? Will we trust in HIM and HIS promises? Will we obey our Shepherd Who has laid down HIS life for us?

John 10:1-18 (CJB)

10 “Yes, indeed! I tell you, the person who doesn’t enter the sheep-pen through the door, but climbs in some other way, is a thief and a robber. 2 But the one who goes in through the gate is the sheep’s own shepherd. 3 This is the one the gate-keeper admits, and the sheep hear his voice. He calls his own sheep, each one by name, and leads them out. 4 After taking out all that are his own, he goes on ahead of them; and the sheep follow him because they recognize his voice. 5 They never follow a stranger but will run away from him, because strangers’ voices are unfamiliar to them.”
6 Yeshua used this indirect manner of speaking with them, but they didn’t understand what he was talking to them about. 7 So Yeshua said to them again, “Yes, indeed! I tell you that I am the gate for the sheep. 8 All those who have come before me have been thieves and robbers, but the sheep didn’t listen to them. 9 I am the gate; if someone enters through me, he will be safe and will go in and out and find pasture. 10 The thief comes only in order to steal, kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, life in its fullest measure.
11 “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. 12 The hired hand, since he isn’t a shepherd and the sheep aren’t his own, sees the wolf coming, abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf drags them off and scatters them. 13 The hired worker behaves like this because that’s all he is, a hired worker; so it doesn’t matter to him what happens to the sheep. 14 I am the good shepherd; I know my own, and my own know me — 15 just as the Father knows me, and I know the Father — and I lay down my life on behalf of the sheep. 16 Also I have other sheep which are not from this pen; I need to bring them, and they will hear my voice; and there will be one flock, one shepherd.
17 “This is why the Father loves me: because I lay down my life — in order to take it up again! 18 No one takes it away from me; on the contrary, I lay it down of my own free will. I have the power to lay it down, and I have the power to take it up again. This is what my Father commanded me to do.”

Shamira the Shepherdess (P. Miller)

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