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My journey throughout the years have been very long, winding, rocky and the path has been very dusty. Every time I thought I was out of Egypt (lost in Christian churches), I later found that I was still stuck in Egypt under the hidden bondage of “Doctrines of Man.”

In the summer of 2012, Adonai’s opened the door (gate), and revealed more of HIMSELF by showing me what HIS WAYS really are . I have been blessed to have been part of a study group (following El Shaddai Ministries with Pastor Mark Biltz); learning the significance of the Hebrew letters, which is amazing (I still have more to learn)!

Also, while embarking in an amazing study, Creation Gospel, and founder, Dr. Hollisa Alewine , it has changed my life (for the good in HIS Excellence) dramatically!! Abba is so wonderful to have opened the door — teaching me HIS Torah, Feasts, Commandments, etc. I am Hebrew (following the G-d of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob).

I have been very blessed to have studied under (2) fantastic teachers (trainers) of Dr. Hollisa , and presently studying under Hollisa (about 2 years total) . I am now a”Certified Teacher/Trainer” under Dr. Hollisa Alewine’s “Creation Gospel” which expands from Creation to Revelation-thematically.

It is my hope, and answered prayer, that to be able to meet with others in my home in our area, or via “Google Hangouts/Skype/Zoom” encouraging and guiding others (with the Ruach Ha’Kodesh/Holy Spirit) using Dr. Hollisa Alewine’s Creation Gospel studies. I hope to be able to bless others—giving back to others that glorify Abba!

It is exciting knowing my Savior is Yeshua haMashiach, and “Yeshua” means Salvation!

It has been VERY humbling HaShem remembered me (a wretch) and He continues to be patient with me as I walk His NARROW path–honoring and glorifying Adonai. I am so grateful He didn’t give up on me, and He continues to reveal HIMSELF in “Baby-Steps.”

Adonai is a G-d of order; without confusion, nor chaos. HIS WAYS are above mans and always consistent—NEVER CHANGING. HIS teachings have many Biblical connections that have been “Hidden in Plain Sight.”

When we remove the Greek glasses and put on our Hebrew glasses will we truly see the validity and promises of HIS WORD with better understanding.

Please follow me on this exciting journey! You will not be disappointed and will NEVER want to look back into paganism again (golden calves). For HE said to “COME OUT OF HER.”

May you be blessed, SHALOM!

Shamira the Shepherdess (P. Miller)

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